Take a Stand Against Bullying

The Department of Justice and Brodie’s Law Foundation launched the ‘Take a Stand Against Bullying’ campaign in August 2012.

More than 20,000 information posters and postcards were sent out ot schools, tafes, workplaces, police stations throughout Victoria.

This was followed by an on-road campaign with The Department of Justice. Brodie’s Law has raised awareness in Victoria about the serious nature of bullying and the damaging consequences it may have. The law sends a strong message that threatening, bullying behaviour – in the workplace and elsewhere throughout the community – will not be tolerated.

Rae and Damian Panlock are continuing to raise awareness of Victoria’s anti-bullying legislation. For more information visit:

Download a copy of the Take a Stand Against Bullying poster or to receive hard copies of the poster or postcards, contact Brodie’s Law Foundation on

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Stand Up Against Bullying Poster